ASANA LOTUS FLOWER Gift Set - Lotus Flower, Melon & Sandalwood - 3 Piece

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The universe is in constant and dynamic exchange. Through aroma, Salt&Pepper’s ASANA LOTUS FLOWER Diffuser increases awareness of every moment to achieve mind-body unity. Each gift set includes 1 x 30ml diffuser and 2 x 5cm candles. Created with natural essential oils sourced in Europe, 100% cotton wicks and reeds ensure a pure release of aroma slowly over time. Calm your mind and soul by infusing your universe with the delicate aroma of lotus flower, combined with a hint of melon and sandalwood. Salt&Pepper is Fashion For Your Home.
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Category Home Decor
Sub Classification Diffusers
Colour Grey
Material Essential Oils
Unit Dimensions L: 21.5cm W: 52cmH: 13.5cm

Each Salt&Pepper ASANA fragrance is the result of a careful blend of a number of different natural essential oils hand selected from perfumeries across Europe. Each essential oil is selected for its role in creating the final fragrance. Salt&Pepper ASANA 5cm candles have natural lead-free cotton wicks that provide a clean and pure burn that lasts up to 8 hours. The thickness and materials of the sticks used with the diffusers is very important. Cotton sticks are included with the ASANA 30ml diffusers due to their high quality absorption of the essential oils and the slow release of their fragrances over time that last for up to 2 weeks.

Diffuser: For best results turn the sticks upside down and place back into the bottle after the first 24 hours of opening the fragrance, this will help in the absorption of the fragrance. Caution: Always place the fragrance and diffuser bottles on the level surface and away from all fragile, polished, painted and varnished surfaces. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Spills should be cleaned immediately to avoid damaging the surface. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Keep away from open flame, children and pets. DO NOT SWALLOW. SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IF CONSUMED. Candle: To ensure a longer lifespan, ensure that after blowing out your candle, the wick is centred in the wax while it is still a liquid. Trim the wick once the wax has solidified so it is no longer than 6mm above the wax. Caution: Remove all packaging before lighting the candle. Avoid any unprotected surface that may be damaged by heat or dripping wax. Be sure to burn in a draft free area, away from flammable materials and overhanging surfaces. Never leave a candle burning unattended.

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