• Salt&pepper’s ARTEFACT: inspired by artisan craftsmanship

Salt&pepper’s ARTEFACT: inspired by artisan craftsmanship


Salt&Pepper's ARTEFACT is a new range inspired by artisan craftsmanship. The beautiful pottery collection of serveware includes serving bowls, platters, butter and dip dishes and jugs in a light green/grey hue. The serveware collection can stand alone working as signature pieces to your table setting or can be combined with RELIC for an eclectic dinner setting.


ARTEFACT Jug ARTEFACT Jug 1L 22cm RRP $49.95
ARTEFACT Footed Platter ARTEFACT Footed Platter 30x6.5cm RRP $49.95
ARTEFACT Footed Bowl ARTEFACT Footed Bowl 18x7.5cm RRP $29.95
ARTEFACT Double Handled Bowl ARTEFACT Double Handle Bowl 22x15x6cm RRP $16.95
ARTEFACT Pedestal Bowl ARTEFACT Pedestal Bowl 12x6.5cM RRP $12.95
ARTEFACT Serving Bowl ARTEFACT Serving Bowl 30cm RRP $59.95
ARTEFACT Winged Dip Bowl ARTEFACT Winged Dip Bowl 15x11x4cm RRP $12.95
ARTEFACT Footed Dip Bowl ARTEFACT Footed Dip Bowl 10x4.5cm RRP $9.95
ARTEFACT Serving Plate ARTEFACT Serving Plate 28cm RRP $19.95
ARTEFACT Serving Platter ARTEFACT Serving Platter RRP $29.95
ARTEFACT Sause Boat ARTEFACT Sauce Boat 450ml 22x12x8.5cm RRP $34.95
ARTEFACT Butter Dish ARTEFACT Butter Dish 13x9.5cm RRP $24.95
ARTEFACT Coasters ARTEFACT Coasters 10cm Set of 4 RRP $29.95