• Create a Personalised Setting with NOMAD

Create a Personalised Setting with NOMAD

NOMAD Crockery

Salt&Pepper's NOMAD collection features organic forms with unique characteristics. Each unique, handcrafted plate, side plate and bowl has been designed to evoke classic pottery style. Sold separately to allow you to mix and match and create your own eclectic and personalised setting, the NOMAD collection is aesthetically beautiful.


NOMAD Oval Dish NOMAD Dish Oval Blue 15.5x13x4cm RRP $14.95
NOMAD Dinner Plate NOMAD Plate 28cm RRP $19.95
NOMAD Mug NOMAD Mug Tall 400ml RRP $14.95
NOMAD Dish Natural Speckle NOMAD Dish Natural Speckle 11x3cm RRP $7.95
NOMAD Dish Black NOMAD Dish Black 13x2.5cm RRP $8.95
NOMAD Plate 22cm RRP $14.95
NOMAD Lipped Bowl Black NOMAD Bowl Lipped Black 11x5cm RRP $7.95
NOMAD Bowl White NOMAD Bowl White 33X9.5cm RRP $89.95
NOMAD Bowl Black NOMAD Bowl Black 23x12cm RRP $49.95
NOMAD Oval Dish Black NOMAD Dish Oval Black 26.7x17.5x5cm RRP $19.95
NOMAD Footed Bowl White NOMAD Bowl Footed White 14x7cm RRP $14.95
NOMAD Mug Square Handle NOMAD Mug With Square Handle 400ml RRP $14.95
NOMAD Dish Blue NOMAD Dish Blue 9.5x3cm RRP $5.95
NOMAD Footed Bowl Natural NOMAD Bowl Footed Natural 11x5.5cm RRP $9.95
NOMAD Bowl 20cm NOMAD Bowl 20x6.5cm RRP $16.95