• Introducing EDEN Planters

Introducing EDEN Planters

EDEN Planters

We know Mums love flowers on Mother’s Day, but this year why not surprise her with a beautiful planter from the new EDEN range (and include a plant as well to complete the look!).

Concrete, ceramic and metal elements have been used to design a collection of indoor and outdoor planters which will add personality and warmth to any home. The range features modern colours of black, white, grey and indigo - an ideal palette that can work inside or outside the home. Use for plants, or even a small herb garden for outside and don’t be afraid to cluster pots together to create a unique feature and talking point. Salt&Pepper is Fashion for your Home.

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MONOLITH Plater Grey MONOLITH Planter Grey 42x34cm
RRP $129.95
MONOLITH Planter Indigo MONOLITH Planter Indigo 38x30cm
RRP $119.95
MONOLITH Planter Black MONOLITH Planter Black 28x22cm
RRP $69.95
MONOLITH Planter Black/White MONOLITH Planter Black/White 27x27cm
RRP $69.95
MONOLITH Planter Black & White MONOLITH Planter Black & White 35X26cm
RRP $99.95
MONOLITH Planter White MONOLITH Planter White 33X20cm
RRP $59.95