• Happy Holiday Destinations You Haven't Heard Of

Happy Holiday Destinations You Haven't Heard Of

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Is summer break really over? We’re still in denial! 

You know what, after such a long year, we think we deserve another summer break — and soon! 

That’s why we are taking a moment to share some happy holiday destinations from all around our backyard. And if you can’t quite make it there in person at least you can start getting your holiday mood board ready for when you’ve finally saved up enough annual leave — which is soon, we hope. 

In a sea of gram-worthy places and summer hot spots, we have managed to find a couple that are a little more off the beaten path. Plus, these beautiful wonders are pretty much guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!


Standley Chasm, known traditionally as Angkerle Atwatye, is an awe-inspiring place of cultural importance located in the Northern Territory. Sacred to women’s dreaming, this reserve is 100% owned and operated by the local Arrernte community. There are plenty of sights, guided tours and workshops to enjoy too. 

Simply follow the chasm and see where it takes you. If you have a RV or love camping (we do) you can even spend a couple of nights there. Just look at how sublime it is!


It’s hard to believe this is in South Australia right?

While we all know the food and wine, SA also offers some stunning coastal escapes. The Eyre Peninsula doesn’t just have award-winning food and wine, but also has some daring sea activities. Shark cage dive anyone? No?

If you’re a lover of seafood (and who isn't?) then you can go on your very own delicious road trip. Pluck oysters fresh from the sea or eat up tuna, followed by an afternoon exploring the caves for some stunning pics. Have a look at the Talia Caves below and tell us you’re not ready to drop everything and hit the road?


There is no shortage of beautiful nature walks in Australia. But this short but delightful nature walk is one we’re willing to say is worth the trip. 

Follow the signs to journey into the heart of an intact patch of coastal melaleuca forest. This rare wonder is accessible by a unique walking track that allows you to tip-toe over undergrowth and pass through wetlands — without soggy shoes! At the centre you’ll find a paperbark tree forest that looks like something slightly prehistoric. Who knows what wonders of nature you might find…


If Coffs Harbour is the hustle and bustle tourist city, then Sawtell is its much more relaxed sibling. This coastal town has everything you need — mouthwatering cafes, yummy fish and chips and a beach that is right on your doorstep. Yes, it really is a minute from the shops. 

This little coastal town has a wealth of things to do, and it’s a perfect holiday destination where you want to see the sights but also relax at the end of the day. You can even go fishing off the rocks and take home your catch for dinner. Take a stroll on the beach, pop in your favourite audiobook and let the sea-breeze restore your soul.


If you live in Melbourne then you might already know about the Peninsula Hot springs. 

They’re not quite a secret, but did you know that you can visit at night? That’s right, you can avoid the peak busy times (and let’s be honest, any screaming kids) and soak under the stars. Did we mention that you can even get supper? Now that’s our kind of night out! 

Why not get a massage too. And a facial, you deserve it!

Take some time to visit some of these natural wonders over the summer. We reckon, if you start saving up leave now you have enough for a break in no time.