• New Year, Happy Home: How To Create Interior Bliss

New Year, Happy Home: How To Create Interior Bliss

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Who doesn’t want to start their year off right?

It’s time to give your home a makeover. Maybe even take some time to sort out those boxes you’ve always been meaning to unpack. Or finally figure out what to do with your spare room — home cinema anyone?

You don’t need to renovate or knock out a wall to breathe some beauty into your home. In fact, we have a bunch of simple styling tips that will have your interiors feeling effortlessly blissful — even if the in-laws decided to pop in uninvited!


Are your walls looking a bit empty? A lot of blank space can be uninspiring to the eye. Lucky for you, there are heaps of ways that you can get your walls looking beautiful. And you don’t even have to pick up a paintbrush!

It might not be your first thought, but changing out your clock can really update the appearance of a room. Not only do they keep you on time (mostly) but they can add an accent to any dull walls. Try a new clock in your kitchen or living room for an easy update. 

If you have some time over the summer, why not get into house plants? Not only do they look beautiful, but they also create a calming atmosphere. And you'll be rewarded with gorgeous greenery. We have an amazing range of planters to choose from so you can pop one in every room — even the bathroom! 

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The bathroom is the oft-forgotten room when it comes to styling a home… but why? It deserves some love too! Especially given that it’s the room that your guests are almost guaranteed to see. Go on, give it some attention. 

While new shower curtains and a bath mat is a great start, it’s actually the finishing touches that really make your bathroom look like it belongs on someone's Pinterest. Matching your soap dispenser and your toothbrush holder will make your bathroom look completely put together — even if you’re not! 

All that’s left to do is your bathroom fragrance. If you don’t want to light a candle, diffusers are a great way to go! They will keep your bathroom smelling lovely all year round.

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Lighting is the often forgotten element to making a perfect home. Plus, the classic fluro downlight is never flattering on anyone! 

With the right lighting, you can set the mood throughout your home. Floor lamps are perfect for getting cosy with a cuppa and your latest book club read. Simply place it near your armchair. If you’re not using it for reading, you can also adjust your lamp to bounce light off the wall — which makes it perfect for movie night. Pass the popcorn please! 

If you’re looking to bring some soft light into your bedroom or study, a set of table or desk lamps can never go astray. Using symmetry to your advantage, place one on either side of your bed to get perfect lighting. We suggest using a warm light bulb to ensure you get those dreamy vibes without straining your eyes.

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We know the secret to creating culinary perfection — it’s about using cookware and kitchen accessories that you're actually excited to use and proud to show off!

If your pots and pans are looking a little worse for wear there is no better time for an upgrade. Whether you want to perfectly match everything or build up an eclectic set, investing in quality cookware will have you ditching the takeout (well, maybe just cutting down) and dusting off your cookbooks. And of course, your cookbook holder! 

You can’t go wrong with kitchen organisation essentials like a utensil holder or set of canisters. Not only do they look beautiful placed on your benchtops, but they also help keep everything neat and tidy.

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With these tips not only will you be ready for guests this summer, but your home will also be your inner sanctuary away from the worries of the world. 

It’s time to admire your handiwork and relax. And tick creating interior bliss off your to-do list!