• Five Steps For Perfect Summer Entertaining

Five Steps For Perfect Summer Entertaining

summer entertaining

It’s time to celebrate. 

Summer is here so you know what that means — good friends, great food and making memories to last a lifetime. 

There has never been a better time to throw a party for your nearest and dearest. Whether it’s for New Year’s Eve, your anniversary, a mate's birthday or simply because the sun is shining — it’s time to kick back and boogie. We have your party needs covered with a flawless five step plan for perfect summer entertaining.


Okay, we realise that this sounds a little silly. But knowing what the weather is going to do is essential for any good party. And happy guests!

If it’s hot and humid, consider moving indoors or even under a verandah to help keep the sun off. Similarly, if it looks like it might rain in the afternoon don’t risk an outdoor setting. If the sun is going to be shining all week why not enjoy the rays and find a shady spot for the ultimate picnic? Just don’t forget the cheese boards and plastic glassware!    

And always, always make sure you keep the citronella candles handy! There’s nothing worse than helping yourself to nibbles only to realise that you’re getting nibbled on yourself! 


Once you’ve got your entertaining area sorted it’s time to think about what you’ll be plating up. Or picking what takeout you might get — no judgement here!

Who doesn’t love an Aussie BBQ? It’s time for chicken kebabs, hamburgers and veggie burgers on the barbie. Pair with your favourite summer salad (and salad bowl) and you’ve got lunch sorted. 

BBQ not your thing? Chicken roast coming right up! We love this roast chicken, carrot and asparagus recipe (all you need is your favourite roasting tray!) followed by a classic summer stone fruit and berry trifle. These dishes also taste great no matter the weather! 

Of course, you don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen, a cheese board or platter is also a fantastic option. If you need some pointers make sure you read our How To Style Your Charcuterie Board blog. Or you know what, tell your guests to bring a plate, the more the merrier. Plus it takes the pressure off!

summer dining


We’re a big fan of some semi-organised fun. There’s nothing wrong with whipping out a deck of cards or your favourite board games to get some laughter happening. 

We love outdoor games like ring throw and tumble pins. Plus, if you have any little ones at the party games are a great way of keeping them entertained so the adults can relax! Keeping kids away from the screens is always a good thing. 

There are also some fund adult-only drinking game versions that are also a great way to get everyone talking. If all else fails you can always resort to a round of outdoor cricket or an ABBA filled playlist!

summer entertainment


The best way to make it look like you've spent hours perfecting your table? A matching dinnerware set. 

Not only does this make your table look perfectly put together, but it also helps to give you a colour scheme to work with. Layering plates, bowls and side plates ensure that your table is always looking professional. And if your spread is ever looking a bit bare — try adding some blooms in a vase for a centrepiece. 

Wooden serving trays are another beautiful addition that matches well with whatever you have on hand. Plus a handy tray cuts down on the number of times you have to pop back to the kitchen.


No party is quite complete without the drinks. So let’s raise a glass. 

Get out your tumbler or cocktail glasses and get creative. If you have any budding mixologists as friends it’s time for them to get out the bar tools and show off. As long as they make a drink for you! If spirits are not your thing, you can always pop a bottle of bubbly and your finest champagne glasses. Just don’t forget the champagne and wine cooler so your favourite bottle stays chilled! It’s time to make some memories.

summer drinks

This is us saying cheers for sticking with us for another year. We hope all your summer entertaining is fun, relaxing and most importantly — with people you love.