• Toasties for Dad This Father’s Day

Toasties for Dad This Father’s Day

toastie Father's Day
It’s almost that time of year again. 

Celebrate either your Dad or those important father figures in your life this September and let them know just how much they are appreciated. For a lot of us, Father's Day is going to look a bit different this year than the usual day at the park playing cricket or going out for brekkie. But you can still make the most of it and celebrate at home (or via video chat if you don't live together) with a batch of freshly made toasties (and coffee, so make sure you have Dad’s favourite mug ready!) 

This pocket of carby goodness is super simple to make and is sure to be appreciated this Father’s Day — or any day for that matter! They are easy enough for the whole family to make and yes even the kids can help out. With a massive variety of choices of fillings, you can make sure even the pickiest of eaters will be happy. Join us as we take you through how to make the perfect toastie for Dad (or yourself) — every single time. 


The secret to the best toastie ever? Picking the perfect bread and cheese. 

For bread, you want something with a bit of a crust and not too many gaps — or the cheese will escape! Purchase (or make) some sourdough or crusty white bread from your local supermarket. Just make sure it’s a more thick-cut to get that satisfying crunch just right. Hot tip — store your delicious loaf in a bread bin so it stays fresher for longer. Easy access to carby goodness is essential! 

As for cheese, well that is even more complex! It’s hard to pass up the Aussie classics like a good tasty or aged cheddar. The biggest tip is not just sticking to one. That’s right when it comes to making the perfect toastie we like to select two, or even three kinds of cheese. Choose something strong and sturdy (like cheddar) and layer it with whatever other cheese you have in your fridge. We like a bit of mozzarella for that perfect cheesy stringiness. 

Looking to get creative? Why not try a mac-and-cheese toastie? Or even spice up the classic Cuban. If it can go into a sandwich, then it can be made into a toastie! Quick, get your dinnerware ready… a cheesy culinary masterpiece is in the works! 

toastie plate pan


Now that you have assembled the perfect toastie, you just need to cook it.

Skip the toastie maker (all it does is squish everything anyway) and instead get out your grill pan. Don’t have a grill pan? No problems, a fry pan will work too! 

Grease with a little oil and set on medium heat. Cover your bread with a generous swipe of some delicious butter (kept in a butter dish of course) and pop it in the pan. 

Use your spatula or any other kitchen utensils you have handy to press down lightly to ensure an even cook. Cook until the cheese is melty and the outside is crispy before flipping over to the other side. Serve immediately, or as soon as the cheese is cool enough to eat — we don’t know about you but this is the hardest part and always results in a burnt mouth! Bon appetit. 

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The best part about toasties is that they are easy to serve up. 

If you are making a whole stack of toasties (and why wouldn’t you) keep them nice and warm in the oven before serving. Select your favourite oven-to-table dish or baker to keep them at the perfect temperature and simply place them in the middle of the table. You can also use any serveware you have (a classic wooden platter or serving board always looks amazing) to create a table setting that is just a little bit more special for Father’s Day. 

Need some help setting the table? Why not check out our blog Cheat Sheet: How to Make Any Table Setting Look Professional. 

Pair with your favourite dinner set, glassware and napkins (perfect for keeping your fingers grease-free) and you’ve got a Father’s Day lunch that is sure to go down a treat!  All you need to do now is get out Dad’s favourite coffee cup or mug, put on his favourite playlist and enjoy some time together at home. 

Quick, eat up those toasties before they get cold!

Father's Day lunch

Happy Father’s Day from everyone here at salt&pepper.