• Which Scent Suits Which Mood

Which Scent Suits Which Mood

diffuser and candle
Nothing beats a bit of me time. 

From taking a long bath to sitting in the backyard soaking up the last of the afternoon sun, there are plenty of things to do around your home to keep you feeling cool, calm and collected. Even if your life is, absolutely, more of a hot mess at times. 

What if we said there was a secret weapon for achieving the ultimate relaxation at home? 

The answer might just be lurking on your mantelpiece. That’s right, we’re talking about candles and diffusers. Picking the right home fragrance to fit your mood does amazing things for the soul. There’s a fragrance for every mood and room in your home. 

When You Need a Mood Boost

candle and diffuser

Are you in need of a little midweek pick me up? Or maybe you just need something to match a sudden burst of energy? When it comes to mood-boosting aromas there are plenty to pick from.

You can’t go past fun, punchy scents like lemon, bergamot and coconut. They are an instant way to make you feel bright and bubbly, without resorting to having another double shot — let’s be honest we’ve all been there. These work great in communal spaces such as living rooms and kitchens where your family is coming and going. Pop a candle on and feel the mood instantly lift. Home fragrance working at its finest! 

The best companions for a mood-boosting candle? A bunch of flowers. Either handpicked on your nightly walk or picked up from your favourite florist – we won’t judge! Bringing nature inside is a great way to perk up any dull corners in your home. Display them in an art worthy vase for a real show-stopping centrepiece. 

No matter if you’re whipping out the vacuum or drying the dishes, a bright scent will have you singing along to your fave playlist. Maybe even dancing too. 

When You Need to Relax

lavender diffuser

Don’t have time to do your facemask and your hot bath routine? Devastating, we know! Get that at-home spa experience just by choosing the right home fragrance. 

When it comes to relaxation you have plenty of fragrances to choose from. Having long been used as a natural stress remedy, lavender will have you dozing off in no time. Pair this with the beautiful notes of vanilla and eucalyptus and you’ll be achieving aromatherapy greatness. 

If your vibe is a little less French chic and more rustic nature, why not try out an earthy scent? Choose from aromas such as rich oakmoss and green leaf for that fresh mountain air breeze in your bathroom. You can even pair it with the real thing. Indoor plants aren’t just for your living room. Both Boston ferns and peace lilies thrive in humid bathrooms. Pop them in a plant stand and you’re done! 

When it comes to bathrooms we tend to skip the candles and opt for diffusers instead. 

The beauty of diffusers is that they release their scent all the time. Pair with your favourite bathroom accessories for an inner sanctuary that will leave you feeling relaxed. You’ll feel like you’ve spent half an hour in the tub — even if it’s a three-minute shower before making the kids dinner. 

When You Want to Indulge


Spending the night with a glass of red wine and a stack of books? Maybe you just want a cosy night in with your partner. Get the mood right with sultry scents such as rose and caramel, or heady cedar and pine. Not only do these aromas provide a little bit of luxury, but they are also a great way to wind down from a busy week. 

These deeper, darker scents are perfect for nights spent in front of the fire. Good wine and tasty cheese platters — what more could you want? Let the troubles of the world wash away and listen to the crackle of the fire. You might even get eight hours of sleep for once.

Perfectly suited for the bedroom or the living room, turn your home into a place of luxury with the right indulgent home fragrance

Maybe we do have enough time for that hot bath after all. Lock the door and let the scents do all the work. We’re relaxing. 

Why leave the house when you have it all at home?