• How To Get Cosy This Winter

How To Get Cosy This Winter

An image featuing a pink teapot and teacup. We have rounded up all the best ways to stay cosy this winter.
Is winter chill just so not your thing? You’re not the only one. 

It’s that time of year when we trade our ice coffees for hot brews. Our long hot summer jams playlist for indie folk. As our days get shorter and the weather gets colder, many of you might find yourselves at home a lot more. Who can be bothered going out when you need to put four layers on!

This winter, take some time out for yourself as you get cosy, listen to the crackle of your fireplace and wrap your hands around a hot cuppa. We have rounded up all the best ways to make sure that this winter will have you feeling as snug as a bug in a rug. 

It’s Time For Brownies 


If you find yourself inside on a Sunday afternoon and rain is pelting the windows, then it’s time to dig out those cookbooks and get to baking. There’s nothing quite like staying in and cooking your favourite tasty treats. Put on some 80s bangers and break out the bakeware

From sponges to indulgent brownies, there’s something for every cook's skill level. Go on and line that baking tray or butter that springform pan and get mixing. We’re pretty sure that eating anything with chocolate releases happy chemicals — it’s true! 

Not feeling like dessert quite yet or maybe you’re more of a savoury person? Time to get out the cheese baker! There is nothing that says winter comfort more than warm, gooey Camembert… yum!  It’s indulgent, and just a little bit classy. Just don’t forget the bread! 

Well, there’s no point just looking at it. Go on, dig in.

An image of a try of brownies. There is nothing cosier than staying inside and baking up some treats.

Bring Out The Wine


The best part about the rainy weather? Staying in. If you’ve already spent yesterday on the couch, why not invite some friends for a cheese and biccies night? Just tell them the entry fee is a platter.

It’s the perfect weather for lighting the fire (or turning up the heating) and bringing out your finest bottle of wine. Pair with your favourite red wine glasses and call it dinner. If you’re not a red fan, why not try your hand at cocktails or even break out the whiskey set. 

No bottle of red is really complete without a selection of cheeses. Go full indulgent and buy those three artisanal kinds of cheeses, plate it up on a cheese board with matching cheese knives to really complete the spread. Does this count as dinner? We think so! 

An image featuring two wine glasses. Winter is great for staying in with wine and cheese.

Are You Feeling Sleepy?


No afternoon treat is quite complete without a good cuppa. It all begins with the right teapot and your favourite tea blend. We love matching what we’re drinking to our teacup or mug. Drinking something floral and light? You need a delicate cup. Or if you favour a stronger brew — pick a mug that is all about bold designs.

If you’re more of a caffeine person, and who isn’t, get out your espresso cup and warm up the coffee machine. Even scientists say the best nap is a coffee nap! You’ll be cosy and well-rested. 

Sometimes all you need to really relax is the right scent. Put on your PJs and drift off into a blissful sleep with a calming home fragrance. Just resist the urge to binge watch Netflix and get a whole 8 hours of sleep … luxury. Sweet dreams! 

An image featuing a blue teapot and mug of tea. Rest and relax with a hot brew and some baked treats.

Design Your Dream Space 


Do you miss sitting out in the garden? Luckily indoor plants look great all year round and you can stay nice and cosy inside as you admire your plant friends. Enliven your space without losing your bond and bring the outdoors in with some beautiful greenery and indoor planters.

Make a statement with a raised plant stand, which works great to disguise any awkwardly bare corners. If you don’t want to commit to looking after a plant, or you’re wanted for your plant killing crimes, you could also nab a bouquet or steal the neighbour’s prize-winning flowers and display them in a vase. Mix and match with your home decor to make something that is uniquely you! 

An image featuring a table with mugs and platers. Bring some greenery into your space with planters.

What’s that sound coming from the other room? Oh, life responsibilities? Sorry, can’t hear you — we’re too cosy.