• Keeping Your Kitchen Organised When Your Life is a Mess: A Guide

Keeping Your Kitchen Organised When Your Life is a Mess: A Guide

organised kitchen
The kitchen. It’s either your favourite place in your home or it fills you with dread. 

It’s a place where both absolute disasters (dry Christmas turkey, anyone?) and miracles (that time you pulled off a triple layer cake) occur. It’s a place where your family teaches you just how much butter goes into spanakopita, or where you spend until midnight working on an extravagant child’s birthday cake. 

The kitchen always tends to be the hub of your home and you don’t want to waste any more time hurrying around and tidying up after a long day. So let’s take a look at a few simple steps you can do now that will save you oodles of time in the future. 

Empty Everything Out

Sounds annoying right? Trust us, the results are worth it. 

This means every kitchen cupboard, drawer, hidden crevice and long-forgotten pantry corner. There’s also no need to do everything at once if you only have a couple of hours spare. 

The best part about emptying out your entire kitchen – you can see just how much you own. It’s a great way to kickstart your latent Marie Kondo genes into overdrive. It’s time to let go of that 90s serving platter and it’s definitely time to toss out that packet of curry powder that expired in 2008. 

Take this time to assess your storage space and your kitchen items. If your everyday bowls and plates are looking a little worse for wear now is the perfect time to grab a dinner set

kitchen organised

Sort It Out!

This part gets more fun. The put your favourite 90s tracks on and hum along kinda part. It’s time to make kitchen zones. 

You might be thinking zones? Yes. Decide what areas you use for each mealtime and sort accordingly. For example, if you use a specific bench for breakfast then keep related items close by. We love keeping all your tea cups, coffee mugs, canisters, kettle and coffee machine in one easy to reach place. 

Pick an area you rarely use to store any items that are bulky or are for special occasions. Some other cupboard ideas include grouping entertaining items such as platters and cheese plates and keeping bakeware and cookware near the cooktop or oven.

The beauty of this system is there’s no mad rummaging through cabinets and drawers for that cheese board  — if you grouped it with your entertaining items then you’ll know exactly where it is. 

Get Vertical

Perhaps the biggest enemy of any home cook is space (and maybe a temperamental oven).  It’s time to think vertically. Take any awkwardly sized kitchen cabinets and put in shelves or dividers. Install hanging racks or magnetic strips to keep things off benches. Even the drying rack can do with some vertical improvements to maximise space! 

The other trick to making the room feel bigger is keeping the counter clean. A messy bench can make even the most modern of kitchens feel chaotic. Invest in some canisters that match your kitchen design to really make your kitchen pop. So instead of refreshing the ‘gram for the tenth time this hour, take those few minutes to pop back any cutlery and crockery back to where they belong. 

kitchen canisters

Pantry Perfection

There’s nothing more frustrating than standing at your pantry hoping dinner inspo magically jumps out. While we can’t guarantee a Nigella Lawson midweek masterpiece, we can make sorting through the pantry that bit easier.  

Clear glass jars make a perfect storage solution as you can easily see exactly what you have! You can even put a handy label on each one so you’ll never mix up the self-raising and plain flour again. Not only does this keep your countertops neat, but it makes trying to find anything in the pantry super quick. Keep anything essential and everyday at eye height, and try grouping the rest into sections. Even tea towels can be stored in the pantry, try rolling them up and having them in an easy to reach basket. You could even install a rack on the back of the pantry door.

Follow these simple steps and your counter space will be clean in no time. Now comes the really hard part – keeping it tidy. Deep breaths, you got this. 

After all, with the kitchen being the hub of your home it’s a pleasure to enjoy it every day.