• Tips for Refreshing Your Bathroom

Tips for Refreshing Your Bathroom

refresh your bathroom

Having friends around for dinner? Maybe the in-laws are coming to stay?

You want to impress, but you also want to maintain that cool laid back vibe. So you spent the morning vacuuming the living room, shoved all the pots and pans in the drawer and collected some flowers for the vase you should really fill more often. You’re done, right?

There is one place we are all guilty of overlooking – the bathroom

It’s a place where we pop in for a quick shower post morning school rush or duck in before a dash to the corner store to make sure your bangs haven’t gone haywire in the humidity. So if you’re hosting guests, or if your bathroom is just needing a refresh – we’ve got some tips for you. 

Mirror, Mirror

There’s nothing worse than a cramped bathroom. While we wish we could magically move walls, it sadly isn't possible. Yet there is a simple solution  – mirrors

The right mirror can feel like an act of sorcery – they bounce light around illuminating long forgotten corners of your bathroom that haven’t seen daylight in years. 

If your bathroom is still feeling a little cramped it might be because there are too many things on display. We’re not judging, hairpins are a precious resource and deserve to be displayed! 

Time to Declutter

Is your basin stacked high with your 10-step Korean skincare regime, a hair straightener you used two weeks ago and a stale glass of water? Fear not! It’s just time to declutter. Break out your inner Marie Kondo and get to cleaning. 

Start by decanting any liquid soap into a dispenser. Not only does this look effortlessly chic without even trying, you can also max out your adulting with a matching toothbrush tumbler too. 

Simply pop in any toothbrushes, your squished up tube of toothpaste and let it do its thing stylishly on the basin.

bathroom decor 

Flower Power

You can absolutely grow plants in your bathroom! They will even thrive! You just need to pick something that loves high humidity and little sunlight. 

Try the unkillable snake plant in a neutral planter and keep it on your basin. If you are a little short on shelf space try the Devil’s Ivy which looks amazing curling down from a standing planter

If you're a little more of an indoor plant pro, Orchids also love bathrooms and comes with the reward of elegant flowers. 

Does having to care for plants freak you out? Is your bathroom incapable of sustaining life? You can always pick flowers or even better, get some fake ones. Nobody will know the difference. 

Keep it Co-Ordinated 

From groovy brown tiles and yellow bathtubs to modern glass and silver fixtures – the bathroom has seen its fair share of trends. The trick is to embrace it. 

Pick colours that compliment and highlight any existing features. You can keep it laid back and classic with monochrome features like a white toilet bin and matching toilet brush and roll holder to keep the bowl and loo roll tidy. Or you can style your bathroom around a couple of colours like clay or slate to keep a cohesive feel. 

Complete the look with a set of matching towels and bath mat. Even if your eldest son has an annoying habit of leaving wet towels on the floor at least they will be colour coordinated.  

Scent It Up 

Bathrooms are damp places, and no matter how loud that ceiling fan gets it never quite seems to suck up all that steam. You could always pop a candle in but you know what works even better? Diffusers

Not only is there no chance of setting off your fire alarm at 6am, but they keep up the work even while you’re away. So even if the kids are screaming, you can relax in the shower with the calming powers of lily of the valley and jasmine scent. It’ll smell so dreamy that no-one will even notice you haven’t scrubbed the tiles.

If you’ve found yourself playing gracious host this summer or are simply looking to bring a bit of life back into your bathroom, these tips have you covered. 

Make your bathroom a destination so relaxing that it deserves a five-star TripAdvisor review.

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