• Top 3 Ways to Style Your Christmas Table

Top 3 Ways to Style Your Christmas Table

At the heart of it, Christmas is a time to come together, sit down and share a meal. 

For a lot of us that classic Christmas lunch might look a little different this year. For some, it’ll be shaky video calls with family interstate or overseas. For others, it might be your first Christmas where you (thankfully) don’t have to keep an eye on your in-laws’ gaggle of snotty nosed kids. Maybe, if you’re lucky enough, it’s the first time you’re seeing your whole family since last Christmas. 

Whatever your celebrations might look like this year we can guarantee one thing — that your Christmas table will look amazing!

So no matter where you are this year, here are a few ideas to make the Christmas table feel a little more homey

Keeping it Green

There’s nothing worse than spending all morning elbowing crowds at the seafood market and sweating over a hot stove only to realise your Christmas table is looking a bit bare. Don’t panic! The simplest decoration is lurking just in your reach — nature. 

Bring a little of the outside in. You can make a great centrepiece from that indoor plant you have dutifully been (over)watering, or if you’re lucky enough to have a green-thumbed neighbour, maybe steal a couple of pretty flowers and bring out that beautiful new vase. After all, Christmas is about the giving spirit which we strongly believe applies to your neighbour’s garden! 

This looks especially great if your homewares are a classic monochrome, and even better if they have an elegant nature design. Not only does it pop against that pearly white dinner set, but will also bring a beautiful organic aroma if you managed to snag some eucalyptus or rosemary. Just toss them in the compost when you’re done! 


If you’re a tablecloth kind of family, choose something neutral. And if you have any wooden trays or boards, add them to the table to round out that natural look.

Colourful Christmas table

 Summer Vibes


While our Christmases tend to be a little more sweaty and sandy than our Northern Hemisphere pals, you can still bring a touch of classic yuletide energy to your table. 


Use any baubles and trinkets as a centrepiece — it’s not really about having the most extravagant decoration but making it unique to you and your family. This might mean your kids’ Christmas decorations they made when they were six that look more like little monsters rather than angels, or it could be a small trinket from someone special. 


If you have the time, you can detangle that string of fairy lights (whilst listening to Michael Bublé’s embarrassingly good Christmas album) that has been sitting in a box all year to bring a pop of light to the table. 


The other option is candles. Depending on how much you trust your kids or pets not to cause dinner table chaos. The choice is yours. 


If you’re craving even more of a colour hit, use bright bowls and plates. You can go as traditional or as unique as you want. You can even style those supermarket shortbreads and fruit mince pies into a showstopper. Trust us, no one can tell the difference. 


It's all about layers and texture — creating a little story with the table.

Summer Christmas table

Dreamy Sea Breeze


If you’re a little more coastal or are still mourning your cancelled Bali holiday plans you can still bring a touch of tropical to the Christmas table. This is all about soft colours, simple decorations and if you're very lucky, that sweet salt sea breeze. 


You could even — we’re not saying the whole roast thing is overrated — skip a hot lunch altogether. Australia is hot! There’s no reason to make a huge roast if it’s going to be pushing 35 degrees by midday! Go straight for dessert with fruit-topped pavlova instead. 


If your Christmas is more drinks and nibbles with close friends rather than a hot lunch this is the layout for you. It’s all about keeping it casual and relaxed, think dreamy pink hues


To finish off the look opt for a simple, sandy tablecloth for a neutral base and use different sized bowls and plates to create texture. Let the good food and good company be all the Christmas cheer you need. 


This Christmas, take a moment, pop on your fave Christmas tunes, sink into your comfiest chair and relax with a glass of something bubbly and marvel at a job well done. 


You’ve got the Christmas table covered. 

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