• 5 Instagram Accounts That Make Us Smile

5 Instagram Accounts That Make Us Smile

After being cooped up at home this year more than we would’ve liked, social media has become our social outlet. Correction: our vice.

So it makes perfect sense that we’re constantly on the lookout for new Instagram accounts to elevate our feed. Food, beauty, reality, lifestyle and photography are always going to be our faves for the obvious reason that those are also what we’re all about.

In a sea of influencers, foodies and stylists we find ourselves returning to the accounts that consistently make us smile. And we’re psyched to share our top 5 faves with our fellow Insta addicts.

Get your finger ready to hit follow.  


You know how sometimes it’s actually reading the captions that make the photos on Insta that much better? This account does exactly that for us.

Don’t get the wrong idea, the photos are simply stunning. Moody and homely, they’re just what we wished our homes were like. But the captions! Mel has a knack for talking about food that lets you almost taste the dish.

Mel’s a nutritionist and a home cook so it makes sense that she knows her way around food. She’s all about wholesome recipes that taste like home, so you can definitely see why we vibe with her.

It’s because food is such a key aspect of any home. Home’s about having friends around for pizza but still using the fancy plates because they’re worth it. Home’s about eating icecream from your favourite bowl while bingeing Netflix. This feeling of home totally comes through in frommylittlekitchen and we love it.




Cheryl Law from lawstore embodies everything crisp, classy and how your life would look if you weren’t constantly chasing kids, covered in mess and wondering how you got this busy (probably).


If you feel like torturing yourself (which we often do) check out Cheryl’s travel highlights to see everywhere we can’t go right now. Vicariously jet set through Bali, NZ, Europe and Asia and jot down inspiration for your next trip, most likely in 2050.


We love the consistency of light colours, crystal glasses and being a beach babe without being a beach bum. It’s unapologetically aspirational and makes us sigh with envy. 


We’re pretty sure it’s been scientifically proven your life gets 10% better after following lawstore.




Our favourite Radelaidean. 


If you haven’t heard of Natasha before, she’s a resident content creator, local brand supporter and aesthetic food enthusiast.


We, of course, can’t go past some epic product styling and have been obsessed for a long time with Natasha’s flat lays. What started as a hobby, taking pictures of products or food and sharing them, has become a full-time content creation business. It’s the kind of rags to riches journey you can really get behind.

We also love that she supports local brands. Being a Melbourne-based, Aussie brand ourselves, we’re all about cross-content creation and celebration to uplift other locals.


It’s also a super mum friendly account with great ideas for parents and kids, but without being a “mum” account. You know what we mean.




Don’t be fooled by the bikini shots. Yes, Lisa is a lifestyle influencer. But she’s the down to earth kind.


Everything she does is inspirational while still keeping it 100% real (check her Real Lisa highlight for proof).


You might already be familiar with the lifestyle blog she founded, See Want Shop. This venture of hers has grown and expanded to include other categories like See Want Travel and See Want Style. We love visiting the site to read about anything including destinations, fitness, clothes and advice.


In Lisa’s own words, “I believe that the glass is always half full, that we can create our own future, that a killer outfit can instil confidence, that to travel the world is a true honour, & that to be happy is to be healthy.”




We think the idea of a killer outfit instilling confidence extends beyond your body and into your home as well. Every plate you eat off, every bathroom cabinet arrangement, every vibe in every room is part of you. So choosing to put the effort in is a way to boost your own confidence and show up for yourself. Each and every day. 



Lastly, we wanted to shout out one of our special faves that you may not have heard of before. 


yow2 is a Sydney foodie dedicated to taking fabulous food shots that make you want to go to a different cafe for each and every meal (or recreate it at home).


She shares openly about her personal life and brings a refreshing authenticity to the world of the gram. 


More than that, her incredible food shots have a keen eye and professionalism behind them. Check out her story highlights to gain insight into how to achieve great photography shots like a gravity-defying stack. 


And there you have it! 5 Instagram accounts that make our feed a little brighter and our hearts a little warmer. Let us know any more you’d add to the list over on our Instagram — we’d love to hear from you!

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