• The Perfect Kitchen Tea Event

The Perfect Kitchen Tea Event

The opportunity to mix and match clashing patterns and combine with pieces in solid pastel pinks, baby blues and mint greens are endless with our ECLECTIC and STUDIO ranges - so don’t hold back!!

Presentation and theming is important in order to make a lasting impression. Vintage inspired pieces with feminine detailing are strong trends. Our ECLECTIC range combines modern shapes, subtle detailing and pretty pastel accents together with contrasting pattern for a modern twist on Grandma’s high tea setting. Add cakes, triangle sandwiches and macaroons and you are set!

LUXE Set of 2 Glass Jars
RRP $79.95
ECLECTIC 3 Tier Cake Stand
RRP $59.95
ECLECTIC 40x15cm Sandwich
Tray RRP $19.95
ECLECTIC 19cm Side Plate
RRP $9.95
ECLECTIC Gift Set RRP $99.95
Sugar Bowl, Creamer, Teapot and Tray
ECLECTIC Teacup and Saucer
RRP $16.95
ECLECTIC 28cm White Footed Cake Plate RRP $59.95
LUXE Set of 3 Glass Jars RRP $49.95

Plus don’t forget a candy bar! This will definitely go down a treat and almost a must have at weddings, birthdays, baby showers and children’s parties. They make such a beautiful display of colour and texture and temptation! Match the colours of the lollies back to your tableware and display in jars from our LUXE range. They are the perfect accessory to create your own candy bar and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any decor.