• Style your bathroom like a professional with Salt&Pepper!

Style your bathroom like a professional with Salt&Pepper!

Choosing accessories in line with the style of your bathroom doesn’t need to be complicated. The reality is that most of us might not have the perfect bathroom, but simple styling hacks can be implemented to transform your space into an oasis. Maximise what you have and add simple accessories to create a sense of luxury and relaxation.

Your bathroom can easily be transformed simply by adding beautiful, luxurious towels. This season, We are excited to introduce our first towel range ERIKO, a complete range of bathroom towels and mats to complete the room and show your interior style. Made from 100% durable high strength cotton, The ERIKO collection is plush, luxe quality and super soft. The towels feature a modern linear design and are available in colours ink, sage and frost. Hang on towel racks or fold and style neatly on extra bench space give the illusion you are in a hotel!

ERIKO Bathroom Accessories
ERIKO Bath Towel ERIKO Bath Towel
RRP $34.95
ERIKO Face Washer ERIKO Face Washer
RRP $9.95
ERIKO Hand Towel ERIKO Hand Towel
RRP $14.95
ERIKO Bath Mat ERIKO Bath Mat
RRP $29.95

Clear away those personal products off the bench and use simple accessories that can be displayed neatly, and add layers of elegance and warmth back into the bathroom.

Our SUDS range of contemporary accessories offers soap dispensers, tumblers for toothbrushes, canister and toilet brushes in a range of designs and colour palettes to suit any bathroom and add a sense of luxury. Choose from matte tones in black, sage, ink and grey, textures in marble, glass and oak wood to style and refine your bathroom. Group and display accessories together so there is less clutter. Simplicity is key.

RRP $22.95
SUDS Toilet Brush SUDS Toilet Brush
RRP $24.95
SPOT Toilet Brush & Roll Holder SPOT Toilet Brush & Roll Holder
RRP $49.95
SUDS Toothbrush Tumblr SUDS Toothbrush Tumbler
RRP $7.95
SUDS Soap Dispenser SUDS Soap Dispenser
RRP $12.95
SUDS Double Sided Mirror SUDS Double Sided Mirror
RRP $26.95

For bathrooms that lack space and storage, consider some baskets to store essential items like towels, toilet paper and essential toiletries. Our CHELSEA range includes a collection of wire baskets in black or white. Available in two different sizes, CHELSEA will add warmth and texture to your styling.

CHELSEA Wire Basket 27cm CHELSEA Wire Basket - 27cm
RRP $24.95
CHELSEA Wire Basket CHELSEA Wire Basket - 30cm
RRP $29.95
SERENITE Diffusers

Scent plays an important role and is unique to each individual. Adding scent into the home and especially into the bathroom, offers a sense of comfort and relaxation. It makes us feel better.

Our SERENITE is a range of diffusers, candles and room sprays created with a blend of essential oils hand selected from perfumeries across Europe. Available in Noir, Gris, Amber and Blanc, SERENITE offers a range of fragrance in modern designs, to add style and scent to your bathroom.

SERENITE Diffuser SERENITE Diffuser 300ml
RRP $59.95
RRP $29.95